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Understanding Yourself & Others


Who am I ?
What is my purpose in life?

Greetings dear friend, I have some information that might be of great help to you. I would like to offer you answers about those two basic questions that everybody asks at some point in their life.

A wonderful side-benefit you will receive is the answer to that other question, about relationships: understanding myself and others.

I will explain these aspects in a way that will give you direction and greatly enhance your life.

- Joshua Christian


Jane Ryan.Phd. Counselor.

“Josh’s teaching has given me clearer direction for my career and relationships”



You have already taken the 1st step by opening this website !

2nd step is to complete the two Questionnaires.



I was raised in a family of high achievers, in a very competitive environment. With limited choices of careers and great expectations upon me, I had an extremely difficult time trying to figure out what to do with my life !

So, I went through four different careers and several jobs but found no satisfaction. Yes, I made a living and had some amazing experiences but I was always unfulfilled and kept feeling that there has to be something more to my life.

Until the day I became a Counselor, helping all kinds of people with all kinds of issues in life. That’s where I finally discovered what I was born for !

Finally found out who I am.
Since then, many years ago, its become my passion to help others make a similar discovery. I’ve had a wonderful time helping people discover themselves and what is their purpose in life. Over 1,600 people in the last 14 years. All over the world in different countries.


-Eric & Marilyn

“This teaching has greatly increased our understanding of each other in our marriage and also helped us in raising our children and the suitable careers for each of them.”


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