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Josh's teaching and approach is very helpful to understanding yourself and the best direction for your future.

"Very beneficial to all of our 25 students.
Helped to understand ourselves better and to plan a better future."

"Joshua is a man of peace who teaches the power of love and unity that produces healthy interpersonal relationships which really helps with productivity in every area of life."

"Very helpful for our marriage. We understand and accept each other more, now" !

"Understood my strengths and weaknesses. Also that of others. Encouraged many friends to go for this teaching."

"What should I do with my life and whom should I do it with"? I strongly recommend this instruction !

"I'm 25 and this helped me. A lot of young people should take this help."

"Clearly see myself and my passion. Know which direction I need to go, now." !

"All three of my childrens are very different. My wife and me can see now how to raise each one and what future they may take.."


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