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About Us


‘Through blood, sweat and tears”
That is the only way that I can describe my early years growing up in a dysfunctional family living in a highly competitive society. Made many wrong choices that resulted in being confused about what exactly should I do with my life. Finally, through sheer ‘trial and error,’ I stumbled upon what I can best describe

I had hit the lottery!
Because all that I had desired for my life was now a reality and I was loving it. But, in the middle of enjoying a high level of peace, productivity and profits, I realized that many, many people were still searching for their own dream future. Especially the young people.

That is what motivated me to create this simple teaching to help people everywhere to discover their own Destiny.

So, what exactly does this word Destiny mean?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines Destiny as:

-what happens in the future, the things that someone will experience in the future.

- a power that is believed to control what happens in the future.

I can now see that there are primarily 3 things that one needs to fulfill your dreams:

1. Understanding yourself:

Your strengths as well as weaknesses.

 This is best understood by learning all that you can about your unique Personality and your specific Drives [motivational talents or strengths] This is what will guide you to the most appropriate career/job/relationship.

2. Relationships:

 They can make you or break you.

 If you can understand other people’s personality and their strengths, then you are able to get along very well with them. These are the people who can move you up in a very short time. Its been said that if you just work very hard all your life, then you will make it to the top eventually. I believe that there is a better and more fun way to reach the top faster. Its through the power of friendships. But where can you find such friends and how do you become a ‘friendly’ person?

3. Believe:

 Yes, believing that there is an invisible force that moves into action when you begin to understand who you are and are really wanting to become the very best that you can be. Obviously, you don’t fully know yourself yet, but after learning about your strengths in this website, you will begin to have a greater confidence and that will position you to recognize opportunities that you would have overlooked previously. Opportunity will come your way and that is what will enable you to move rapidly into your dream career/job/lifestyle.

“I recommend this teaching to every young person. It’s shown me my strengths and my weaknesses and given me direction for the future. I’ve had a wonderful time helping many, many people discover themselves and their purpose in life."


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