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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How accurate are the results of my Questionnaire?
The two Piechart diagram results that you received are based purely upon how you answer your Questionnaire.

If you have answered based upon your past history and not projecting into the future [what you think you should be ] then your answers will be very accurate. That is what most people have found out. But if you do the Questionnaire at a time when you are tired, undergoing some stress in your life, not alert, etc. then your Piechart results will also not turn out accurate. If you find that the results do not match what you know about yourself, then I would recommend that you do the Questionnaire again at a time when your mind is clear and alert.

Q.2 Can I just watch the Videos without doing the Questionnaires?
Yes, you can. You will get a fairly accurate understanding of your Personality and your Drives even without doing the 2 Questionnaire. But you must fill in the 2 blank Piecharts as instructed, after watching Video1 and Video 2, because they are your self-analysis based upon what you have
understood so far by watching the video presentation.

The 2 Piechart diagrams were created by Dr.Bill Yeary and are an easy way to understand human behavior. The diagrams are brilliant, in my opinion. If these diagrams were not available, it would be quite difficult to understand the human personality and the drives. Please become very familiar with these diagrams because they will make it very easy to understand yourself and others.

Q.3 I think I have experienced a good understanding of my Personality as well as my Drives. But I would like to be even more clear about it.

Yes, it is possible to obtain a very good understanding of yourself just by this Instruction alone. That is what many people have received. But if you need more clarification, then it may help you to go through it again, after some time. Or do it with someone who knows you quite well. I have heard young people tell me that by the time they did this entire teaching over 3 times, only then did it fall into place in their minds. Because all this material is so personal and subjective, some people may have to go through it a few times to ‘connect all the dots.’ Your time is not wasted. Like that famous Greek philosopher Socrates said “Know thyself” What is more, you meet new people everyday. So you want to see where they fit in the 2 circle Diagrams.

Finding where people fit in this Instruction is a great way to become an expert in recognizing the different types of Personalities that you meet daily. This will help you greatly in your personal life, career and in every other area where you have to connect with people. Especially young people can get the greatest benefit out of this teaching for it will give them a good foundation for their lives and careers. Understanding people and getting along well with them is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family!

Q.4 I am a young person who is not sure what career I should take.

You are in a good position to make the right decision! So many people have to go through much trial and error before they ‘find’ the right choice. So, take your time in studying this Instruction that I have offered in the Video’s and you will be able to make a wise choice regarding which direction you should be taking. For example, if you are a people person and quite relational, then you will be looking for a career/job that deals with people more than with tasks or projects. You will be more fulfilled when you are interacting with people for that is where you come alive and the best in you comes out. This seems so obvious but many people need to be instructed on this. On the other hand, if you are more comfortable with things such as figures, machines, lab work ,etc. then you may go for a career/job that mainly deals with such things because your mind works best in that area. There are a few people who are equally good with working with people and also with projects or things. They are able to do both and there are some careers where this kind of a personality is in high demand.

Q.5 I am not happy with my career/job. How will this Instruction help me?

It is estimated that 70% of people are not satisfied with their career/job! By going through my website, you have made the first step towards a wonderful and new future. Please go through the complete Instruction so that you are fairly sure of which direction you should be going. Then, if you are able to make the career change, be bold and ‘just do it.’! If that is not possible because you cannot switch careers or jobs right away, then try to do something in the new direction that you have just found out, even if it means training yourself after work hours in the evenings or weekends. Taking an online course that you can complete at your own pace. Doing an Internship, without pay, just to get experience. Make every effort to do something in your new direction daily and little by little, opportunities will begin to open up for you. Finally, one day you will be able to make the total crossover from one career/job to your new one. Many people have finally found their new career like this, including myself.

Q.6 I am in college and I am not sure that I have chosen the right subject to major in. I liked it in the beginning but after some time, I feel this is not my ‘thing.’

So many young people are having that same difficulty in making the appropriate choice. In the USA, it is estimated that a student may make anything from 2 to 5 big changes during their time in college! They may have had a fantasy idea about a certain career but after having studied it for a short time, they realized that this was not a good fit for them. So, very often, some trial and error is involved before we hit upon the right choice. It’s better to go through that learning experience early in life rather than later on.

Q.7 I feel its too late for me to make any changes in my career/life now.

Its never too late. When the next opportunity comes around, and it will, make your move. You may have to experience some discomfort in the transition, but it will be well worth it. I have met people that have made major changes in their 50’s and 60’s and are so much more fulfilled because of it. History is full of great men and women who discovered their life’s passion later on. The key is to never give up hope or your dreams!

Q.8 How are you so sure that I will discover my ‘assignment,’ or destiny ?

Because I have seen that everyone who has been sincerely and persistently searching has eventually found it! The greatest tragedy in life would be to have lived an entire lifetime and not have lived the Life that you could have had. I believe that there is a specific ‘assignment’ that each one of us can be doing, for the good of ourselves, our families and this world. I went through 4 different careers and about 25 different jobs because I just knew that there was ‘something more’ that was out there. Yes, I made a living but I was not satisfied. Finally, after about 30 years of searching, I finally found it! Now, I am excited every morning when I wake up to go to my ‘calling.’ I will never retire from this because I love it so much. It doesn’t ‘feel’ like work. Initially, I put in the money to do what I do now, but eventually people began to be benefitted by my work and the money began to flow into my life.

Q.9 Do you have more information on the 7 different personalities?

Yes. I am in the process of putting all that in the form of a booklet that you can easily refer to frequently and even carry it in your pocket. Meanwhile, please log into this website frequently. It does take some time to really understand and absorb all this information. Further down these FAQ’s, you will find greater information on each of the 7 profiles as well as what the 3 areas of Mind, Will and Emotions looks like.

Q.10 I am still not clear about where I am. Are you available for me to connect with you?

Yes. Please contact me by email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or by phone if you are in the USA. It’s free. No charge. I want to help you find your true purpose and be satisfied in life.

Q.11 I would like my spouse/significant other/kids/close friends to also go through your Instruction together with me.

That is a very good idea, as this Instruction works better when you do it with the people who are very close to you. They may be able to more accurately help you identify yourself in the 7 Profiles and you will also be able to help them, likewise. You can have great fun by doing this together with your friends or family.

Q.12 I have completed the Questionnaire and watched the Video’s. I am fairly clear about which direction that I should be headed. What is my next step?

The next step is...to Begin!

So many people feel that this was a great teaching and it has really opened up a lot of things in their mind that they had never considered before. But they don’t do anything next. You may have to really desire that better life for you to overcome the inertia or fear or whatever it is that holds you back, before you take that ‘leap of faith.’ This is where a good friend or family member may be of great help. Confide in them and they may be able to offer you the moral support and help for you to make the appropriate step. Simply talking all this over with a good friend is in itself very helpful. Or, you may go to a Counselor and be willing to pay his/her fee’s for their wise advice and direction. Asking for this kind of counseling help does not mean that you are weak-willed and need outside support. Many people in very high positions have no hesitation in going to a Counselor for some clarity and direction.

Q.13 I am afraid to dream again. I don’t think anything will work out for me. It hasn’t so far in my life.

That may not be true. If you still have breath then it means that there is still hope for a new and better tomorrow! What do you have to lose? The real failure is in not trying anymore and in giving up. They say that Edison who invented the lightbulb worked at it for a very long time. He threw away 999
bulbs that did not work before he finally created one that actually worked. Someone asked him about all those failures and his response: “I didn’t fail 999 times. The lightbulb was an invention of 1000 steps.”

Q.14 I have never understood my own personality so well till just now!

This is a response that I hear quite often. There is a lot of teaching out there on this subject and some of it is good while some of it can be misleading. I believe this instruction that you have just received is very accurate, easy to understand and to apply. The Piechart diagram of the circle with the 3 areas of Mind, Will and Emotion is very accurate. So, is the second Piechart diagram of the circle with the 7 profiles. This is exactly what you will observe in the world around you. Of course, all of us are a blend or mixture of these areas. The main thing is to understand your own blend in both the areas of the Personality and the Drives/Strengths. The more you study these profiles and observe the people around you, the better you will become at understanding people. The better you understand people, the better you will get along with them. This will mean better health, less stress [because most of our stress is due to people!] more promotions, more profits and a greatly improved lifestyle. This is true success: having harmony and unity in your relationships!

Q.15 I have always been confused about some people and have never understood why they are that way.

This teaching will be of great help to you. With this teaching, marriages have been saved, people that were about to be fired from their jobs were given a new chance, parents understood their children much better and were able to raise them in the right way, etc. Any situation where there are at least 2 people, this teaching comes into play. If you can master this subject, it will greatly increase your chances of promotion, better sales, finding the right spouse, keeping good friends, etc. Life can become so much happier when there is little or no stress in our relationships.

Q.16 Having understood myself clearer now as well as my spouse, kids, difficult boss, etc., I am more hopeful now of resolving conflicts and moving towards productivity, profits and satisfaction.

Yes! I have seen many people able to resolve long-term conflicts and disunity in relationships by applying these principles. Now that you understand yourself and others better, you are in a good position to make some big changes in your relationships. It may not be easy, because we may have to swallow our pride and humble ourselves, become more patient, kind, generous, etc. But it is well worth it. The rewards of this sacrifice on your part will be very well rewarded and you will be very glad that you were willing to pay the price for harmony and unity! I have seen that time and again in so many marriages and relationships. That is also my own experience.

Q.17 How will this information practically help me in my job right now ?

This information is very practical and you can begin applying it today. For example, let’s say you are a salesperson and you have to sell an item or a service. Even as the customer is approaching you and begins to ask you questions, you will notice that you are able to place him in the Personality
Diagram. But you are not sure, so you ask him a few leading questions and his answers will confirm your analysis. Now, with that understanding, you can talk to him at his level of understanding. Like as if you are now ‘speaking his language’ The result is that he feels he is comfortable with you since you are understanding him well. This easy communication between the two of you makes it so much easier for him to make a speedy decision to buy your product/service. The interesting thing to note is that even though you don’t have the same Profile as this customer, he feels that you do and is willing to trust you with the business.

On the other hand, if he feels that you are not understanding where he is coming from or that ‘you will never understand what I want,’ then even though he wants to buy your product/service, he won’t give you his business. He will try to find someone else who he feels comfortable with. So, you see these principles will work in any situation where there are at least 2 people involved. In the family, in the workplace, in the public area…everywhere. It means that your relationships will become less stressful and more productive. The results are more peace, profits, promotions and satisfaction in life.

Q.18 May I copy this information?

The 2 Piechart diagrams and all the information about the 7 Profiles is Copyrighted by Dr.Bill Yeary. He is the creator of all that information. You are not permitted to use it as your own for profit or to promote your website or classes. Please only use it for your personal growth.

Q18 I need more information on the 3 areas of my Personality.

A MIND: Desire and abilities for analysing, organizing, planning, introspection, researching, learning, intellectual energies and instructing.
WILL: Desire and abilities for controlling, influencing, leading, conquering, dominating, making decisions, expressing and interacting.
EMOTIONS: Desire and abilities to empathize [understand and share the feelings of another] and respond to love, affection, intimacy, gentleness, passion and tenderness.

We are a blend of all three. But we have different strengths in each area. We need to find out which one is our greatest strength. As well as the weakest.

Q19 I need more information on the 7 Profiles.

The Reformer, Encourager, Administrator, Teacher, Server, Compassion, Giver. All of them operate through the Personality and they establish a dominance[position of strength] there. That is your Persona, what you present to the world. We need to look at both the Piechart Diagrams to be able to correctly understand a person. For example, the Teacher functions mainly through the MIND. Likewise, the Compassion [mercy-oriented] person functions mainly through his EMOTION personality and the Reformer is very much in the WILL zone.

People that are next to each other on the Piechart diagram find that they have things in common and usually make friends easily because they have similar behavior tendencies. In contrast, people on the opposite side of the Piechart diagram do not share commot traits and therefor have opposite behavior tendencies. Such people are attracted to each other because they complement and complete one another. People admire and are drawn to their opposite types or strengths, which is what is needed to balance them out in life. 

Since opposites attract, most marriages are couples that have opposite behavior traits. But later on in their relationship, the very attraction that once drew them to become united, can also become an area of arguments because of that same differences! The GIVER is in the center of the circle diagram because he has a little of all the other 6 profiles but not too much of any to become an area of strength. He has no real ups or downs and is not easily moved off his central position and therefore often functions as a mediator to reconcile conflicts.

The GIVER can be hard to identify simply because they are able to function in all the other 6 areas but in a small way. The GIVER is also balanced in all the 3 areas of the Mind, Will and Emotions. 

Handling Conflicts: The order of dominance or strength also reveals much about a person and the order of how they handle difficult situations. An example would be a situation of conflict. Someone that is Mind-dominant with a secondary Will-dominance would first analyse the situation in order to reason or talk themselves out of the conflict as a means of withdrawal. If that doesn’t relieve the conflict, they would then resort to their secondary dominance which would be to attempt to control and win the challenge because those are traits of the ‘Will.’ Switching back and forth:

The Server, Encourager and the Administrator are able to move to either areas of the Will, Emotions and Mind, since they are placed in that in-between area. This becomes clear when you look at the Piechart diagram of the 7 Profiles. So, they tend to switch back and forth depending upon the situation they are dealing with and their current needs. When needs aren’t being met in one area they will swing to that area until they sense that needs are mounting in the other area and they swing towards the other area of the Personality. 

For example: the Server has a balance between the Mind and the Emotions, may swing to some degree in their choices and behavior between the two. If the need for intimacy is greater than the need for organization, they will move toward the Emotion side. Because intimacy is an emotional need and organization is a need of the mind.

For example: the Administrator has a balance between the Mind and the Will. He may move to either side depending upon his need for accomplishment or the need for organization. Accomplishment is a trait of the Will and the organization is a need of the Mind.

For example: the Encourager is balanced between the Emotion and the Will. So, he tends to move towards the Will if he needs to accomplish something since accomplishment is a function of the Will. He may move towards Emotion if his needs for intimacy are stronger.

Q.20 Do you have more information on the 7 Profiles ?

Yes, I do. Please connect with me and I will share that with you.

Q.21 In the last video you speak about the benefits of creating strong relationships as the chief factor in one’s success in life. Shouldn’t financial gain or reaching a high position be my chief aim?

I don’t think that money or position is a good mark of success. Simply look around you and you will see that many millionaires and people who have reached the top of their field are not always the happiest or the most content people. Many are so unhappy that they have messed up their health, marriage and families in the process. Many have said that if they had a chance to live all over again, they would spend more time, money and resources in building relationships. My understanding is that the true mark of success in this life is to possess great relationships. So that people love you while you are alive and after you’re gone, they will always remember you as one of the best person’s who has ever influenced them!

Q.22 So you are saying that building strong relationships should be my number 1 goal ?

Yes! I can assure you that if you spend more time, money and resources in building strong relationships, you will also have better health, money and lasting peace.

For example: In any major city in the world, you will find both husband and wife working very hard just to provide well for their families. Then, they take up a second job so that they can have a bigger house, newer car, vacations abroad, etc. But something has to be sacrificed in the process, and its generally one’s marriage and family. At the end of their careers, many such people have confessed that it was not worth it… to work so hard to gain all this money and recognition but to lose one’s most loved ones. It’s better to be content with just enough while having a great time with your spouse, family, friends and community. Having lived among the very rich and the very poor, I have observed that the poor seem to have a better quality of life simply because they are content with making a living, thereby deriving more satisfaction and joy from their relationships than anything else.

Q.23 So this teaching will help me to build good relationships? Seems like it’s too simple an answer.

Yes, the answer is simple and very easy to understand. So simple and obvious that most people miss it. Just look at our 21 st century world and you will find that people everywhere are living such stressed out lives, chasing after very high ambitions to make money, gain recognition or something like that. But building good relationships is not easy. In fact, it can be the most difficult thing for one to do! Because to get along well with your spouse, kids, coworkers, boss, the neighbors, etc. puts a lot of demands upon yourself. Like making more time for people, being more understanding and patient with them, etc. A lot of people find that hard to do and give up trying to have deep friendships, settling for superficial acquaintances.

But if you make that extra effort to become more understanding, patient, tolerant, kind, etc. then it will pay off in great satisfaction, stress-free living and happiness. This is a universal law that will always work in any part of the world, in any situation. If you will practice becoming more unselfish, not quick to take offense, not being boastful but humble, not laughing over another’s failures, not keeping a score of people who have hurt you, but always being kind and available to them because you have readily forgiven them for what they have said or done to you…then you will be one of the most happiest people on earth ! This is what Love is all about. Love is the deepest desire of everyone’s heart, whether they are aware of it or not. This is what everyone is unconsciously seeking and when you begin to practice becoming a loving person, people will respond very positively to you and you will find that is the greatest reward.

But it is easier said than done. Because to become a loving person is actually extremely hard. It may cost you a lot. It’s like saying ‘no’ to yourself but ‘yes’ to the other person. In a real way, it’s like denying yourself what you would like to do or have but instead offering it to the other person who is in need. This is almost like dying to oneself so that the other person may live and be happy. This may be the hardest thing for you to do! But it is very much worth it. For the rewards of being a loving person far outweighs the effort that you put in. The results are great peace, happiness in your life and a wonderful family of your own. People around you will want to be included in your family, too. With this teaching that you have received learning about your Personality and Drives you have a foundation to begin your search for the Right career/job. You are Unique and there will never be another like you! You have a very important role to play here on earth at this time. It’s well worth investing in yourself to find out what you were meant to do. And with this teaching about understanding the personalities of others and their talents/strengths, you are in the best position to practice Love and that is true success!


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