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  1. I like spending time alone rather than going to social events.

  2. I like to take charge of things when I am with others.

  3. I need people to be intimate [close and personal] towards me.

  4. I like working on projects alone.

  5. I like being the leader.

  6. I respond to affection and intimacy from people.

  7. I am introspective [looking within my mind] and keep to myself.

  8. I like to make the decisions in group situations.

  9. I like people to be close and personal to me.

  10. I find myself being analytical [thinking in a logical way].

  11. I seem to dominate [exercise control or command influence over] when I am with other people.

  12. I easily empathize [understand and share the feelings of another] with others.

  13. I keep things organized and in order.

  14. I like to interact with people to express my desires.

  15. I am sensitive and easily offended.

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